Lethal Amounts is a multi-facetted platform that is equal parts Gallery, Clothing line and Night Life Promoter.

Our humble beginnings start with a logo, our now infamous Lethal Amounts “LA Safety Pins”, helped launched the name and image of the brand.

Lethal Amounts began as a clothing line predominantly focussing on graphic t-shirts being hand screen printed. With our first brick and mortar store we launched the gallery that quickly bloomed into a haven for outsiders and confrontationists. We gradually grew into working more with musicians to promote concerts, clubs as well as gallery shows surrounding the music subcultures we love. Our multi purpose gallery features three exhibition rooms with over 2,500 sq. ft. of gallery space and  14 foot ceilings.

We pride ourselves in curating provocative exhibitions and give opportunity to young artists that are creating dialogue challenging traditional views on sexuality and gender. We are located in the the downtown LA area of Westlake just west of the financial district.

1226 W. 7th St Los Angeles Ca 90017

Lethal Amounts is an extension of owner and curator Danny Fuentes and reflects his personal taste and interests.

All art and collaboration inquiries should be directed to Danny@lethalamounts.com

appointments and questions please contact info@lethalamounts.com

Media requests should to Nicole@sideways-media.com